Group Report | Template


Group Report/Template Package

Price: $2,450.00

If you purchase all the reports and test data sheets SITC will discount $250.00 off you total bill.
Price with $250.00 discount $2,200.00


All reports and test data sheets are offered free of charge with the purchase of the five day Investigative and Quality Assurance Water Penetration and Air Infiltration Testing Training.

This package includes the following:
♦ Investigative Water Penetration Testing Report
♦ Quality Assurance Water Penetration Testing Report
♦ Investigative Air Infiltration Testing Report
♦ Quality Assurance Air Infiltration Testing Report
♦ Investigative/Quality Assurance Water Penetration Test Data Sheets for AAMA and ASTM Specification/Standards
♦ Template Contracts for Performing Air Infiltration and Water Penetration Testing
♦ ASTM E783 Air Calibration Sheet
♦ Destructive Testing Data Sheet
♦ Design Pressure Data Sheet

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