Company – Masters Level Five Day ASTM/AAMA Training


Remember these are flat fees for up to three people. Not per person. 

This covers air/water/structural. Field standards. Laboratory standards. The works. 

All of the extra services that we offer are fee including the following ($2,300.00 value): 

All eight templates, water penetration reports, water penetration data sheets, water penetration contracts for clients, air infiltration reports, air infiltration data sheets, air infiltration calibration sheets, destructive data sheets and design pressure analysis data sheets. 

We offer sixty days of free on call availability for testing/technical consulting. We assist with report review and writing, onsite assistance, marketing information, project analysis and much more. 

We are not only there for you in the classroom, but also after your back at your office. 

Just remember with this service we are just a phone call away. 

LocationSovell Investigative Testing and Consulting National Training Center 

     203 East Highway 212 

     Kranzburg, South Dakota 57245


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