ASTM International E547-00 Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors, and Curtain Wall by Cyclic Static Air Pressure Difference. 

ASTM E547 is a laboratory test method that covers the determination of water resistance of exterior windows, skylights, doors and curtain walls. 

The test is conducted by applying water to the outdoor face and exposed edges simultaneously with a cyclic static air pressure difference. 

ASTM E547 differs from the ASTM E331 not only in the time the specified pressure is applied but what products are tested with each method. 

Windows and doors are rated and certified in the laboratory for different performance classes. 

Depending on the performance class or grade will determine what test is performed on the product. 

In certain cases both tests will be performed on the product for Hallmark certification. 

Is the responsibility of the testing agency to discuss the goals with the window or door manufacturer to determine what performance class or grade that the manufacture is trying to attain. 

One of Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting greatest qualities is communication with our clients. This insures that the goal of our client becomes our goal. 

Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting has conducted ASTM E547 for General Electric, Homeflash and Systems Control.  

Whether you are looking for Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting to assist you with your ASTM E547 testing in our laboratory or for us to assist you with educating your staff on the fundamentals of ASTM E547 we are here to assist you. 

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