ASTM International E576-14 Standard Test Method for Frost/Dew Point of Sealed Insulating Glass Units in the Vertical Position. 

ASTM E576 test method describes a field or laboratory procedure for determining the frost/dew point within the air space of a sealed insulating glass unit. 

It also establishes the criteria for determining whether that point is below or above a given or specified temperature. 

The test is conducted utilizing specialized calibrated testing equipment that can produce and maintain a temperature of -109 degrees. 

The determination of frost state or non-frost state starts with determining the thickness of the glass. 

The thickness of the glass is going to dictate the time duration of the test. 

The surface of the glass is then prepared utilizing specific steps, and specialized calibrated testing equipment is then applied to the insulated glass units.

While the testing is being conducted Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting examines the test surface for frost deposits. If the frost deposit does not appear after the temperature stabilization period. 

The insulated glass units frost/dew point is below the stabilized temperature. 

Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting has conducted this test on behalf of building owners to determine if the existing insulated glass units need to be replaced. 

Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting has also conducted this test for companies looking to buy property. Conducting this test prior to ownership allows future buyers with two things. 

  1. A piece of mind that the insulated glass units in the windows are good and they won’t have any problems with insulated glass failure prior to purchasing.
  2. Or the understanding that units will have to replaced due to the existing performance problems. Which will affect the overall price or decision to purchase.