Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting provides training for businesses and manufactures who are interested in performing ASTM and AAMA water intrusion testing and air infiltration testing. 

At our national training center Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting  conducts training with extensive full size mock ups and classroom area to provide quality, cost effective training to insure our client’s fulfill their planned objectives. 

The address for the national training center is: 203 East Highway 212 Kranzburg, South Dakota 57245 

Our large classroom offers not only a comfortable learning environment for our trainees it also allows for the use of full size visual aids. 

Once we have discussed the ASTM standard or AAMA specification. SITC utilizes our full size wall mock ups for conducting hands on training. SITC will demonstrate the ASTM or AAMA test. Once demonstrated SITC will invite our trainees to conduct the test from start to finish. 

Part of SITC’s training curriculum is teaching the trainees how to properly utilize the calibration equipment. 

Also we assist our trainees in assembling an internal auditing system of equipment calibration. 

Calibration requirements for the equipment utilized during testing are very clear in the ASTM standards and are an integral part of conducting ASTM water spray testing or ASTM air infiltration testing. 

ASTM E331 “Recalibrate at intervals not more than six months” 

ASTM E547 “Recalibrate at intervals of, not more than, six months” 

ASTM E783 “all test apparatus shall be calibrated at a minimum of every six months” 

ASTM E1105 “Recalibrate at intervals necessary in the judgment of the testing agency but not more than six months” 


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