Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting (SITC) has assisted multiple companies in establishing themselves as American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) accredited laboratories.

SITC instructs potential companies looking to attain AAMA accreditation in the fundamentals of testing.

The purpose of the AAMA accreditation program is to provide a sufficient number of independent, accredited testing laboratories to support the AAMA certification program.

Acceptance into the program requires that four basic criteria have been met.

1. The first is independence. The laboratory must attest that neither the laboratory, its officers, directors or employees are affiliated with the products they test.

2. The second is determining the competence of the person in responsible charge.

3. The third criteria requires the laboratory equipment utilized in the accredited testing is correctly calibrated for ASTM E 283, ASTM E 330, ASTM E 331 and ASTM E 547.

4. The fourth criteria is record keeping.

These items listed are just the basic requirements for AAMA accreditation.

There are many more requirements that must be met prior to AAMA accreditation.

If your company has decided to concentrate its efforts on becoming a AAMA laboratory let SITC assist you with this accreditation process.

Becoming an AAMA accredited testing facility can be a long and difficult process without knowing the processes and procedures.

SITC has assisted many companies with the transaction.

See our testimonials page to hear what our clients say.

If your looking to make a similar transaction with your company, contact SITC to insure a smooth and predictable transition from your existing company into a AAMA accredited laboratory.

Contact SITC for more information today at 1-952-367-6578.

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