AAMA 511-22 Voluntary Guideline for Forensic Water Penetration Testing of Fenestration Products

Diagnostic testing is an integral part of a systematic investigation, however, this type of testing differs significantly from other AAMA testing documents.

The purpose of diagnostic testing is to recreate water leaks that are known to occur. Which is commonly referred to as investigative water penetration testing.

The AAMA 502 and 503 field testing procedures are intended for evaluating newly installed fenestration products. Which is commonly refereed to as quality assurance water penetration testing.

Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting (SITC) has established itself as one of the leading investigative testing firms in the nation.

Investigative testing is much different than quality assurance testing which is to provide evidence of compliance with a project specification.

When conducting quality assurance water penetration testing as stated in the AAMA 502-12 that if any of the specimens do not conform to the prescribed water penetration resistance requirements, the manufacture and/or the installer shall be afforded the opportunity to perform a site inspection and determine the reason for non-compliance.

To conduct appropriate investigative water penetration testing the forensic investigator has the responsibility to make every attempt to ascertain the exact path of water intrusion from the exterior of the wall, through the wall components onto the surfaces of the wall components that are not designed to receive, control, or manage water intrusion.

This means that the forensic investigator has to have the background knowledge of both the fenestration product being tested but also the installation techniques utilized to install the product.

SITC personnel have a extensive background in the fenestration industry. The owner Mike Sovell has been an accredited Installation Master Instructor since 2001.

All of the SITC staff have taken the Installation Master program. This allows SITC to trouble shoot any installation process, then consult with our clients the suspected entry point or points in installation details.

Having a extensive laboratory experience also assists SITC personnel during the investigative water penetration testing on the fenestration products.

All of SITC personnel have a extensive knowledge of the fenestration products parts, components and its manufacturing.

Having a good knowledge of the products behavior during the manufacturing process and the knowledge of its behavior while in service make Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting personnel one of the best third party testing agencies in the nation.

Contact SITC for additional information about AAMA 511 testing at 1-952-367-6578.

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