AAMA 504-05 Voluntary Laboratory Test Method to Qualify Fenestration Installation Procedures

It is not practical to test every possible fenestration installation. However if a test of a specific installation method is desired this test method can be used.

There are many different variations of window/door installations possible.

The Installation Masters Program and ASTM E 2112 are the basic industry guidelines and should be followed.

SITC has assisted window manufactures, general contractors, architects and many others who want to qualify installation methods for a particular project and do not follow the Installation Masters and or ASTM E 2112.

The specific installation test method was written to accommodate a 48″ by 48″ direct set window. The intent in utilizing a direct set unit is to minimize air infiltration and water penetration through the window.

Other fenestration products that may be used with this procedure shall be limited to windows, sliding glass doors and swinging type doors that are primarily in residential and light commercial buildings.

Installation of these fenestration products shall be tested using this methodology, however the buck assembly shall be permitted to be modified to allow for the size of the installed product. While maintaining a minimum of two feet of space around the installed product.

The overall size of the test buck shall be 96″ by 96″. For the sheathed frame the surface of the framing shall be covered with 1/2″ plywood or OSB.

Unless otherwise specified the test wall for either sheathed frame or open frame shall be covered with a weather resistant barrier installed in accordance with the manufactures instructions.

The window/door shall be mounted, sealed and flashed into the test wall in accordance with the detailed instructions.

The installation method and manufactures installation instruction document/written instructions will become a part of the test report.

The completed mockup shall be pre-loaded prior to test using ten positive cycles followed by ten negative cycles.

The mockup first shall be tested for air leakage utilizing ASTM E 283.

Next the mockup shall be tested for water penetration resistance utilizing ASTM E 331 for sixty minutes.

Then the mock can be subjected to a fourteen twelve hour durability cycles in accordance with ASTM E 2264 Method A, Level one.

Finally the entire mockup shall be tested for structural loads with ASTM E 330.

SITC has utilized the AAMA 504 to assist clients with qualifying their installation methods. If your company is in need of this service or any other services that SITC offers feel free to contact us.