AAMA 502-21 Voluntary Specification for Field Testing of Newly Installed Fenestration Products 

The AAMA 502-21 specification is utilized to evaluate the installed performance of newly installed fenestration products for air leakage resistance and water penetration resistance under controllable, reproducible and appropriate conditions. 

This specification is to be utilized only during construction, prior to the issuance of the buildings occupancy permit and no later than six months after the installation of the windows/doors. 

This limits the use of this specification to quality assurance testing only. 

Also excluded from this specification are the testing of curtain walls, sloped glazing and storefront systems; these systems shall be tested per AAMA 503 as required.  

If the field testing of fenestration products is required after the building occupancy permit has been issued or more than six months after the installation after product installation, AAMA 511 shall be used. 

Additionally, in the event where water penetration testing using the test methods outlined in this specification produces water infiltration that cannot solely be attributed to the fenestration product, forensic testing shall be initiated by using AAMA 511 and ASTM E2128. 

When discussing what type of weather water testing can be conducted during AAMA 502 states: Wind and other environmental conditions (barometric pressure, rain and temperature changes) can have an adverse impact of field testing performance.  

Water spray testing generally should not be conducted during rain storms, snow storms or high winds unless the area can be isolated. 

The AAMA 502 also states: Any test performed without appropriate consideration and adjustment for ambient conditions may render the test resulting invalid. 


There are many variations that can be applied when utilizing the AAMA 502. 

  1. Type of product.Was it rated with ASTM E331 or ASTM E547?
  2. If air infiltration and water penetration are required. Or if water penetration is only required. Or if air infiltration is only required.
  3. Full pressure application vs 1/3 reduction for water penetration.
  4. 1.5 times the allowable air infiltration vs laboratory results.

All of these items are discussed with our client if the situation come up. SITC commits to full communication with our clients. 

Unlike the ASTM 783 standard, the AAMA 502 specification includes an allowable for air infiltration testing. 

The allowable rates for air leakage for the test specimen shall be 1.5 times the applicable AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440 rate for the product and performance class. 

Unlike the ASTM 1105, standard the AAMA 502 specification allows water penetration testing to be conducted at a static test pressure equal to 2/3 of the test and rated laboratory performance test pressure. 

To have a total understanding of the 502 specification personnel conducting the testing must have an understanding of the ASTM standards that make up the AAMA 502-21 specification. They also must have a working understanding of the most current laboratory standards. 

All of Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting personnel have extensive laboratory and field experience. This allows Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting to not only provide our clients with results but also with answers. Our personnel utilize their laboratory experience in the field to trouble shoot products and installations that have deficiencies.